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Dr. Diane Nicolson, President & CEO:

“At Amarc, our goal is to be good stewards and good neighbours. To me, that means working closely with governments, First Nations and other stakeholders, with honesty and respect, to ensure that every Amarc project is environmentally sound, socially responsible and beneficial to our home communities”.

Health & Safety

The long-term health and safety of our team, and the people and communities around our work sites, is the key consideration in planning and carrying out our projects.


We believe success is derived from the collective efforts of our team, and through collaborations that are respectful, meaningful and fair.


Our mineral exploration and development activities are carefully planned and managed to achieve high environmental performance standards.

Local Communities

Our team facilitates early, ongoing and meaningful engagement with Indigenous groups, landowners and other local interests. These collaborations ensure our projects and activities are well coordinated and broadly supported, address local priorities and concerns, and optimize opportunities for community benefit.

Indigenous Relationships

Establishing respectful relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships with Indigenous people is a priority for Amarc.

BC & Certainty

Amarc operates exclusively in BC by design.

In addition to the province’s low-cost and low-carbon energy, its superior transportation infrastructure and skilled workforce, BC is a leader in environmental and social justice policy and legislation.

These qualities are building certainty for communities and resource developers alike, and meaningfully support our broader sustainability goals.

Among other strengths, BC is:

  • the first jurisdiction in North America to implement a carbon tax to mitigate climate change (2008)
  • the first jurisdiction in Canada to implement revenue sharing with Indigenous groups on mining projects (2009)
  • the first jurisdiction in Canada to embark on a process to ensure its laws are consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Bill 41 - 2019)

Metals for The Future

Amarc’s focus is the responsible development of mineral deposits providing Cu and Au - metals that are essential to our modern society and its sustainable future.

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